The Pack LeaderWelcome! Dances With Dogs is a puppy nursery school offering full-day classes ONLY for puppies.

Socializing your new puppy during the early weeks and months of ownership is essential, but finding safe places for healthy and appropriate interaction is difficult. That's why Dances With Dogs exists - to serve you and your new pup! We provide carefully supervised play care in a state-of-the-art playground designed specifically for the developmental needs of your puppy. A well-exercised and well-socialized pup is easier to train and a joy to live with. Don't miss out on the most critical weeks and months for socializing your new pup. Send them to our school one day per week and they'll be transformed into socially-savvy pups in no time. Over 2000 pups have learned to romp and play with similar-age pals in our safe, clean, loving environment and have developed pro-social skills that will benefit them and their families for life.  Let us partner with you in raising your pup!

Folks, I have some GREAT news!  The annual Woofminster event put on by our great friends over at Planet Dog has MOVED for this year to Deering Oaks Park.  And what's just as exciting is that I will be the photographer in charge of the Cover Dog Modeling Auditions during the event.  Join us at Deering Oaks Park on Sunday, September 13 from 1 to 4 p.m. for a carnival-style afternoon full of so many fun things for you and your dog and your kids to take part in.  Admission is FREE and the event is a fund raiser for the Planet Dog Foundation, which supports the good work being done around the nation by people and dogs in so many ways.  You'll be able to purchase tickets at the event to participate in a variety of fun contests.  Check the link below to learn more about the event so you can prepare.  The Cover Dog auditions will be open to anyone who thinks their dog would make a great model for Planet get out your Orbee toys and start practicing!  After the event, you'll able to download the photos I take of your dog as part of your donation for participating.

We had the BEST time in the new fresh powder today!  Here's the link to the latest photos of the adult students romping in it:

Next week, we'll start a new gallery for the month of February.