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Dances With Dogs will be CLOSED the week of June 27 - July 1, 2016.  School will reopen on Tues, July 5 for adult classes.
Sorry to disappoint new puppy owners hoping to enroll their pups, but DWD is NOT enrolling puppies at this time.

Bentley's first snow...and let me tell you, he LOVED it!!

Here's the link to the album of photos from today:  http://juliebernierphotography.zenfolio.com/p287085601


Here's the link to a NEW album of photos featuring the adult dogs and Baby Bentley!  Enjoy!



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Dances With Dogs will be CLOSED the week of June 27 - July 1, 2016.  School will reopen on Tues, July 5 for adult classes.
Sorry to disappoint new puppy owners hoping to enroll their pups, but DWD is NOT enrolling puppies at this time.

Bentley's first snow...and let me tell you, he LOVED it!!

Here's the link to the album of photos from today:  http://juliebernierphotography.zenfolio.com/p287085601


Here's the link to a NEW album of photos featuring the adult dogs and Baby Bentley!  Enjoy!



Here's a link to a new album of photos of the adult classes playing these last couple of weeks.  They are mostly from Thursday but I'll be adding some Tuesday photos in very soon!  Stay tuned for a new link when those are up, and check below for the link to what's already been loaded.
Thank you for your interest in having your puppy under 16 weeks join our program.  We are not enrolling at this time.

We had the BEST time in the new fresh powder today!  Here's the link to the latest photos of the adult students romping in it:


Next week, we'll start a new gallery for the month of February.

NEW for 2015:  Puppies entering the puppy school must now submit a clean fecal exam result along with proof of first set of shots including the Kennel Cough (Bordatella) vaccine.  Adult students must submit proof of annual Bordatella booster, up-to-date annual vaccines AND a clean fecal exam result yearly to remain in the school.  Read below for more info...
Over 100 images have just been uploaded.  Lots of great images of your dogs playing in the snow.  The link is below.  Enjoy!

New for 2015....

Full-time adult students (attending BOTH Tue & Thu) will now get FOUR free absences and FOUR half-price absences per calendar year.

Part-time adult students (attending Tue OR Thu) will now get TWO free absences per calendar year, plus the opportunity to make up a missed class on the opposite day in the schedule if space is available.

100 new photos have been added to the Small Breed Adults gallery for December.  Click "more" for the link...
Just loaded 150 new photos to the December gallery for the small breed adult students!  Click "more" for the link!
This year, DWD will be CLOSED the weeks of December 22 and December 29 for vacation and the holidays.  We will reopen for classes on Tues Jan 6, 2015.  Off-leash hiking IS available...see below.
In time for holiday giving, orders are now being taken (through Nov 30 if you want it for holiday giving) for our brand new DWD Signature Totes.  They come in FOUR colors and you get to choose the photo for the bag and some type below the photo (your dog's name, the recipient's name, etc.)
We are so pleased to announce that a donation will be made to The Make-A-Wish Foundation in the amount of $1100.00 to help fund a sick child's wish as a result of the overwhelming response to our dog biscuit sale.  Over 125 pounds of biscuits were sold, resulting in many happy canines and an outpouring of love for the work of Make-A-Wish.

Accurate and up-to-date as of 9/15/14

See below for dates...

Last week's photo shoots in the pool for local puppies, including MANY from Dances With Dogs, went spectactularly well, resulting in at least a few Maine puppies appearing in his next book!  Underwater Puppies will hit the shelves in October of 2014 and we will be SO proud and excited to share the book with everyone.
Just a reminder that rain cancelations are posted HERE on the home page by 6 a.m. if school IS canceled.  NO notice by 6:01 a.m. means school is still ON.
Click the link (below) to watch our amazing Canine HIking Crew at play in the snowy Maine woods.  They are AMAZING!!
Not to be outdone by my puppy students who appeared on the evening news on Channel 6 last night...my Thursday class insisted that I make a video of them playing outside today.  Done!  The link is below for you to click and enjoy.  They'd like you to share it with all your friends far and wide.  They want to be famous...
Yesterday the film crew from WCSH-6 came over to see how the pups were doing in the cold weather.  Check out the clip (link below) for tips on keeping your dog comfortable outside in cold temps!
Thank you to all of my wonderful customers past & present who ordered dog biscuits for holiday giving.  The profit from the sale totalled $520 and has been donated to the Planet Dog Foundation!  Please take a few moments to click the link below and read the blog I wrote about the donation, and the one Planet Dog's owner, Stephanie Volo, wrote about US!  Thank you!

Sadie Dachshund (Alex & Josh Hughes) won a FREE class at DWD in our current customers drawing.

Hadley Yellow Lab (Darcie Harkins) won a GIFT BASKET filled with $150 worth of dog-centered goodies in our customer appreciation drawing.

On Tuesday and Thursday, DWD offers classes for small breed adults who have been through our puppy nursery school program and have good social skills and basic obedience skills.  Each of our adult classes has 20 spots for dogs UNDER 20 pounds.
I will now be writing feature articles for the Pet section of the ExpertBeacon website.  My first two are up on the site and ready to be read!  The first one is about Choosing the Right Social Environment for Your Pup.  The second one is on Selecting Brain-Stimulating, Interactive Toys for your Pup.  The links to each article are below.  Feedback is always appreciated!!  Email me at danceswithdogs@maine.rr.com!  Thanks...
Not only will these interactive toys require your pup to work for his kibble, but they will also stimulate your dog's brain.  In order to get the kibble to drop out of the toy, a pup has to figure out how the toy works.  Every pup needs daily mental stimulation as well as physical exercise, and finding ways to trigger the thought process can be a challenge.  Here's a fantastic solution!  Plus these toys will also keep your pup busy for quite a while!  For pups who eat too voraciously, these toys can be loaded with the pup's meal to slow down the eating process as well.  On our video, our Black Lab, Tonya, demonstrates how two of these toys work.  There are a couple of other toys available in addition to the two we purchased (at Pet Life).  Planet Dog and Fetch are sure to have some great options as well!  The link to our video is below.  We hope you love it!
Please note that our rates for classes will be adjusted effective 9/1/12 for current customers and immediately for new pups coming into the school.  Please see below for the adjustments.

Click the link below to watch your Pack Leader being interviewed by WCSH-6 on last night's news.  The topic:  safety for dogs on the 4th of July.  We were honored to be asked for our advice....


Hot off the presses....a new blog post to the WCSH-6 website regarding some timely concerns.  If you plan to take your pup to backyard BBQ's, fireworks displays and/or camp, it's a must-read before you do.  And...one thing I forgot to put in the blog: be sure your puppy is ALWAYS wearing an ID tag with your contact info on it, even if they've been microchipped!  You'll find the link below.  Enjoy and feel free to share with other dog owners!
We are honored that WMTW Channel 8 News chose our nursery school as the Tech Talk Business of the Week last week.  Watch the interview by clicking the link below.  Apparently, we are on the cutting edge of "accidental marketing" through our use of a photography website featuring our puppy photos!  So cool....
Here's the article I promised to post for my puppy owners to get you off to a good start for beginning your leash walking practice!  The link below will take you to the article, which is located right here on the DWD website!  If you have a puppy raising question, email me and I'll be happy to write an article for everyone's benefit.

Click the link and you'll see!  This blog was written and the accompanying video made about one year ago.  We've made several improvements to our playground and our indoor space in the interim.  We LOVE our school!




If you're new to the DWD "family" or would like to peruse the blogs I've written for dog lovers and dog owners.....you'll find the links to my THREE blog locations below.  There's some great topics, so click the links and check them out!

I am an on-line community blogger for the WCSH-6 television station on dog topics:


There are a bunch of great articles on my Dances With Dogs blog, so scroll down or look on the right-hand side for a list of dates/topics:


I just started using the "blog" feature on my photography hosting site and here, I'll be blogging about all things photography:



You can now enjoy photos of your pup/dog taken here at DWD from the comfort of your own home without having a Facebook account.  Just click on the link below and you'll be taken to my  photography site on Zenfolio.  I'll be adding galleries almost daily, so check back often....  I'm also available for private photo shoots if you desire.  Just ask....



Here's a link to Chris Marine's awesome segment on the Friday evening news on WCSH Channel 6 about tick bite prevention!  I'm so proud of the puppies....



Here are the links to today's entries on my Dog Blog for WCSH-6.  The first is about Riverton Trolley Park, part of the Portland Trails sytem.  The second includes important information on tick bite prevention.  Enjoy and feel free to send the links to family & friends!




Here's the link to the video from our 6/17/11 hike with 13 dogs at Pleasant Mountain in Fryeburg!  See below...
Did you know that Dances With Dogs has a group on Facebook?
I just posted a blog about Acquiring A Second Dog.  Check it out!  Here's the link:

An article on Dealing with the Allergic Dog.  Check it out!

It's flea and tick season again here in Maine.  Please refrain from applying Frontline to your dog the night before or the morning of a school day at DWD.  This puts other dogs at risk of getting these harsh chemicals in their mouths during play and also interferes with proper saturation of the product on your dog, as dogs get wet here at DWD (wading pool) and roll around in the sand, etc. during the day.  THANK YOU!
Want to learn some basic info about how talking AT your dog can hinder his/her learning? Read my latest entry on the Dances With Dogs Blog. Become a follower of the Pack Leader's blog and you'll be notified when a new entry is posted!

Check out the new posting on the Dog Blog dated 3/25/10 entitled "Some Thoughts On Common Puppy Illnesses." Kennel Cough and Giardia are discussed....  http://danceswithdogsmaine.blogspot.com is the address!